Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Things that Google has Found to be True

In our opening overview session, Mark talked about how the 10 things Google has found to be true relate just as well to the classroom.   

1.  Focus on the student and all else will follow.  
We can plan amazing things to do with our class, but if they're not engaged...does it matter?  They have to be engaged in what we are doing, not passive.
2.  It's best to teach a few things really, really well.  
The content we must cover grows daily.  It's rare that a teacher says they have covered everything they wanted to in a year.  We're going to have to be masters of integration and choosing what to do really well instead of doing it all.  
3.  Fast is better than slow.
I really don't need to say much about this do I?  We've all sat in trainings where we were bored because it was going so slow, it could have been summarized.  Get through the lesson and work with the kids that need more of your time.  Kids will tune out, just like you will!
4.  Democracy in the classroom works.
Give kids choices about what they will do, they'll do better if they buy in.
5.  You don't need to be at school to need an answer.
Learning happens 24/7, so questions will come up that kids need to know HOW to find the answer to.  Self directed learning is what you are preparing them for.  Think of the last few things you learned how to do.  Did someone show you or were you self-taught?  How did you find out the answers to your questions?  Prepare you students for this.  
6.  You can teach without doing evil. 
(Google's version of this is:  you can make money without doing evil)  I'll let you draw the parallels here.
7.  There's always more information out there.
There is always more to know, there is always someone new to learn from...never stop learning.
8.  The need for information crosses all borders.
The world is no longer round, it's flat - we're all connected.  Reach out and collaborate, connect and share with others around the world.
9.  You can be serious without a suit.  
Not to be slovenly, but it's what you know not how you look.
10.  Great just isn't good enough.
Keep pushing, trying, learning....the best is yet to come.

Which ones do you find to be true?


Mrs. McLeod said...

I am so glad that you are off and running (literally!) at your Google School. I love this post because it made me think about what I have always thought was a shortcoming of myself. I have always been so impatient to hurry up and know something already. My mom says I potty-trained myself because I wanted to hurry up and be a big girl already. :) After seeing that one of the most internationally successful companies thinks like me, I feel better. Google promotes speed as a positive. The need to move on to bigger and better things shows I agree strongest with truths number 3 and 10. Thanks for sharing... it is nice to know someone understands my madness!

Liana said...

Are you there right now at the Google Teacher Academy? I find ALL of them to be true and I'm forwarding them to my boss and all my colleagues here at school. It seems so sensible and true. If we believe them to be true, how should what we do in the classroom change?
Have fun, thanks for the post. And thanks for twittering about it. I've been incognito for too long.

Mrs. Jennifer Zawis said...

Great post. I feel reassured about some of the ways that I have tried to think about teaching in general. I particularly like the idea stated about "it is best to teach a few things really well." I always try to keep this in mind as I often bite off more than I can chew and then feel overwhelmed and spread too thin. I am so glad to hear such sound advice from Google.

Michelle Ellis said...

I agree with all of them. I mostly agree with lets hurry up and learn this. I don't want to go slowly.

Dorry Lopez said...

I loved reading about the 10 things that Google found to be true in teaching students in the classroom. It aligns with my philosphy. I would rather teach something very well and go deeper than teaching the surface of many things. I also believe in keeping the pace fast and the students are lively and engaged in their learning. Never a dull moment! I love it when you share what you learned! That is true collaboration.


Terri Stahlman said...

Love the 10 tips! Can't wait to share them with others as we must rethink how we do school to keep our students engaged and empowered.

What else did you learn? I want more