Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teacher, Teach, Thyself: Make Your Own PD Plan

A panel of educators shared their experiences and the tools they use to direct their professional development.

How would you define PLN?
A PLN is a Personal or Professional Learning Network. One of the most common tools, currently, that has been a platform for building a PLN is Twitter. When you log into Twitter it says, "What are you doing? Educators general answer for, "What are you doing?" is learning. They are using it to share ideas, stay connected, and give and get instant feedback, in 140 characters or less.

What Tools Do You Use to Connect to Your PLN?
In this age of social networking, there are a plethora of tools used to stay connected. Twitter and Plurk are some of the most popular tools. Others include Classroom 2.0 ning, Skype, BrainPop site, Discovery Educator Network, and Facebook is also hugely popular and though some individuals stay connected to their PLN using fb, most use it on a personal rather than a professional level.

What are some of the networks in which you are a member and are active?
Panelist list:
Apple Distinguish Educator
Discovery Educator Network
National Council Teachers of Science
SmartBoard Educator Resource

In a few words what has your network done for you?
Panelist and Participants Answers:

We are on there for our own profession learning which increases the learning for our students.
You can utilize your network for you and for your curriculum.

Let's me know who I need to go to get my questions answered.

Allows me to build relationships with peers globally and has expanded my horizons.

What is the one piece of advice you would give somebody just starting to build their network?

Most advice given was done so in reference to the tool Twitter:

Go in slowly and don't overwhelm yourself.

Start small and expand over time.

Please put a profile up there.

Give it time.

Too many people apologize about being lurkers. It's ok to lurk. Learn from others.

You have to put yourself out there.

It's ok to miss stuff.

Set up groups.

What myths, misinformation, and rumors can you dispel about using the tools you connect to your PLN with?

Myth: It is full of people posting useless information.

A PLN is about building relationships, giving and receiving information to increase the learning of all students. You get to know your PLN personally because you know them professionally. They are not just nameless people you are talking to, instead, they are learners, like you, who are well known and reputable in their field.

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K. Shelton said...

Thank you so much for attending and I hope your colleagues will gain more insight and useful information from this posting. We all have to support those that are new to the tools and as long as they have that support, most will find its' real value.