Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yolink and Sweet Search ... a safer, smarter way to search the web

For the last several days, I have heard a lot of buzz about Yolink.  Today I finally got someone to show me what exactly Yolink does, so let me now share that with you!  Yolink is an application that you can download on your computer for free.  It allows you to scan webpages that you are searching for specific information, using key words, without going to the pages.  It organizes the information for you where you then have a choice to import it to google docs, create an instant bibliographic reference or share through email.

It is really best explained through demonstration.  Check out this quick screencast:
How to use Yolink

As well as partnering with Google Docs, Evernote and many other useful applications, yolink has partnered with Sweet Search for safe student searching.  Many times, Google searches yield unintended results that students can innocently run across.  Sweet Search is a safe search engine for students to use when researching at home or at school.  It works with yolink just as well.

With Yolink, you can teach your students to search smarter and help them develop their critical thinking skills.  Check out their classroom resources on their link page


Mrs. Metzger and Mrs. Morris said...

This sounds great! I'm anxious to see if you like it. Lori

dayle timmons said...

This does seem like a much smarter way to search and I like the way it could be used with students. I also love the way you used Jing to explain it to us. Now, how do you install the button on your computer?

Melanie Holtsman said...

A tech admin will have to install it, so at our school that would be KK, Melissa Ross, Toni Chant, Cheryl Chascin or myself :)