Monday, August 12, 2013

Arriving in New York

My home for the week
Today I arrived in New York to attend the Teachers College Reading Institute.  It's a bit of a story that you can read on my  personal blog, but I hope this opportunity will be something the teachers of my school will reap the benefits of learning through me.  I am excited to be taking on the job of literacy coach this year! 

I will be starting the Institute tomorrow, so check back here or simply register your email on this blog to get updates straight back to you.  I will also be "tweeting" as much as possible on twitter.  My username is @Holtsman.  I hope to make long lasting connections with the literacy leaders here and if it wasn't for the connection I made on twitter a few years ago I might not be here today - check out my blog for that story.  Back here soon!

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