Friday, January 23, 2009

Digital Storytelling: Makin' Movies

Joe Brennan is retired from teaching over 20 years. His experience isn't in cinematography but it's his passion. He writes the digital storytelling blog for Discover Educator Network.

Here are some simple Hollywood tricks to pair up with writing you already teach. Download the handbook There are great resources there for you to use to teach kids the movie making skills they need.

Why do film making with kids? To help all students better express their deepest understanding. Harness the appeal of technology and media to engage your learners. Kids like technology. Enable all kinds of students to master the literacy necessary for life and work in the 21st Century.

AFI Screen Nation has a "Learn" channel with great videos for you or for your kids to learn about lighting, shooting and editing among other videos.

Here are some things to know:
Rule of Thirds in filming, Camera angles

Movie making conventions may include: black and white, repetition, slow motion. close ups, theme, green screen

Make public service anouncements with your kids
Re-enact a historical event
Explain a scientific discovery
Comparing Visual Language to Printed Word

Jen Dorman did not participate in this session, but a lot of things Joe discussed are in her presentation here:


Melissa Ross said...

I can't wait to check out some of these links. I wish we were able to do more of this with our students.

dayle timmons said...

This has KK written all over it. Maybe we could find some of the time we need for these projects in Extended Day or maybe it could be an after-FCAT focus but you just know how it would engage our children! WOW!