Monday, March 30, 2009

FISH! For Schools - Welcome Back to the Reason You Became an Educator

Jay Larson, a salesman for ChartHouse Learning, the marketing company for the FISH! phenomenon reminded a standing room only audience about how the FISH! "practices" can inspire students and rejuvenite teachers. The practices that build the type of school culture that can mirror the success of the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington are:

Be There - be present in the moment of anyone you come in contact with, pay attention and participate with them!

Play - have fun, create joy, and laugh!

Make Their Day - do the unexpected in an effort to provide someone else with happiness - it is not about you - its about them!

Choose Your Attitude - you control your approach to the day, pick kindness, try respect because the outcome almost always reflects your attitude in the first place!

This was a highy interactive and fun session that exemplified these principles - they actually travel all over teaching big companies and schools about the importance and success the FISH! practices can bring to any organization. The presenter even threw fish out to the audience - I was a lucky recipient for describing what Choose Your Attitude can do for you!

On a personal note: If you haven't read this book or embraced these practices in your life it's time. And if you've read the book but haven't been putting these into practice daily take time to revisit! My faculty will be participating in our annual "fish fry" next week to remind us about the need to include these practices into our daily work with each other and students.


dayle timmons said...

I am so glad we will celebrate with the fish fry at the "Crab Shack" when we get back because it is too easy to get caught up in all the negative news of the moment instead of realizing that we were each made for a "moment like this." THIS may be our moment. This may be the very time that we are meant to make a difference. Thanks for reminding us each year!

Melanie Holtsman said...

I know this book was a faculty read before I came to CCE and now I just want to read it myself! You know, we really do need to write our story at CCE. dayle...are you listening???

KK Cherney said... I smell fish frying?