Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PLC Really Means Powerful Lasting Change

My presentation focused on how Chets Creek Elementary has built and sustained a REAL Professional learning Community over the past ten years by moving from the “power of one” to the “synergy of many”. I discussed goal setting and ways to develop a culture that supports multi-leveled learning. I explored the roles and responsibilities of administrators, coaches and teachers in determining needs and next steps for schoolwide improvement. Ideas for data analysis, creating action plans, instructional training and support, monitoring implementation and providing prescriptive coaching and learning were shared. Participants learned how effective professional learning communities can lead to outstanding results for students.


Melanie Holtsman said...

I cannot believe you used that photo of yourself on the floor! LOL! I loved it! What a great presentation. Even though I couldn't hear your voice, as I clicked through the slides I felt as if I did. We really do have a powerful story. I bet you wowed them with your presentation. Thanks for sharing it with the world!

KK Cherney said...

What were some of the responses? Did they just sit in awe? The slides were perfect. I think that we must have a tool like this for May. Whatcha think? I can just hear their comments.

Wanda Lankford said...

Awesome Slide Show!Chets Creek Rocks!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up with all your posts and the presentations sounded great. I like the Fusion idea and of course FISH is always appropriate..especially now. Your presentation was of course, the best! So proud to be a part of our learning community!

Hope your windy city weather was ok..see you next week.

Lauren Werch

Beth Anne said...

Great slide show! I bet your presntation made it 10,000 time greater! :) Thanks for being such a great leader and cheerleader for the work that goes on here!
Beth Young