Friday, October 17, 2008

FCTM: The Bag Ladies Make and Take

The Bag Ladies  are two wonderful classroom teachers, Karen Simmons and Cindy Guinn, from Palm Beach, FL. We learned some great tips for using a paper bag in the classroom for portfolios, projects, study guides, and so much more!

The project that we made was a paper bag folder for students to use to organize their math journal and vocabulary cards. (Check out the picture to the right.) The top pocket will neatly fit a composition book or file folders. There is also a smaller pocket in the front for note cards, smaller paper books, etc.  Basically, you cut the sides out of a paper bag so that it is one long strip. Fold the paper to the desired pocket size and use clear packaging tape to keep the sides together. 

The idea is that this homemade folder will help students get and stay organized with projects or assignments. It's a great, inexpensive way to house student work!

(Check out a project they have online.)


Anonymous said...

Looks creative and clever. Kids could personalize this as needed! I also think it works well with our adventure theme. Thanks for the pictures Melissa.
Lori M.

Mrs. Snead said...

You know I'm loving this idea. It is also very "green", so it can be tied in to environmental studies. Definitly some good ideas