Thursday, October 16, 2008

FCTM: Putting Place Value in Context

The first session Ashley and I attended, Putting Place Value in Context, was presented by Wendy Bray, Ph.D. from Rollins College. She presented on using real world contexts to support development of place value concepts. We explored problem types, student thinking and instructional strategies through base ten thinking. We also explored the idea that children can successfully solve a variety of problems with two digit numbers prior to understanding of base ten concepts.

We began by looking at the new Sunshine State Standards for first and second grade exploring place value. The standards are getting harder, but our goals are well defined. We looked at models of each state of the learner’s development as well an analyzing several student work samples. 

Check out the handouts below. Do your students fall within the base-ten strategies discussed? 

To zoom in, click the down arrow (second icon from the right) and click the plus sign. All handouts reprinted with permission from author.

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Debby Cothern said...

Thanks for posting. I am looking forward to hearing about Friday's sessions. Enjoy!