Thursday, October 16, 2008

FCTM: Math Party!

The final session of the day was one that Michelle, Ashley and I had been looking forward to.  The Math Party is a program founded by Dr. Stephanie Pasley that promotes learning through music. We sang, rapped, danced, and chanted the session away as we learned fun songs to get our kids excited about math. 

"Dr. Pasley has an extreme passion for educating children, and the performing arts; She was a fifth grade teacher in the Broward County Public School System. It is her work in the school system that has provided Dr. Pasley with a platform on which she has been able to combine her love of music and teaching style into a unique art form that transcends traditional teaching methodologies."

To get a taste of some of the songs and clips we participated in today, click here! I know the kids will be excited about this great program! "If you believe you shall achieve! FCAT, we're going to pass this test! HUH!"


Ashley Russell said...

I loved this session! It was such a creative idea to reinforce concepts that are taught in class. I would love to have this for my classroom! Great post!

Debby Cothern said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to hear more.

dayle timmons said...

I like the upbeat, modern sound of this music. So much of what we play for primary children is very kiddie sounding and this has a beat that is more contemporary. It would be a great mix.