Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bloggers Cafe

For those of you following me on twitter - you may be asking...What is the Bloggers Cafe? It sounds like we're sitting around on beanbags and drinking lattes, but not so!

It's a common area where you can stop, sit down and log in to blog, twitter..or whatever! Everyone is ready to connect so I have met so many new people. Yesterday I met a teacher from Canada, PA, NH and NJ!

In between my sessions I'm trying to go there and edit my posts, but I'm spending so much time talking...I'm probably missing some edits. BUT it's worth it because we're meeting so many people that will help us connect, collaborate and grow and we're bringing it all back to our wonderful faculty. Hey - maybe we need a Bloggers Cafe at our school!


Melissa Ross said...

Sounds like your idea of a perfect room! :)

Mrs. Taylor said...

It looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I have been logging into you over the past two days but was unable to leave a comment using my laptop..this is on my husbands. I wonder why- KK? Anyway, it looks like you are enjoying some exciting learning- thanks for sharing it Melanie! I know you must all be loving San Antonio. It is one of my favorite places. The ESE team has lots of stories shared from there..there is a great restaurant we ate at on the Riverwalk..Liz might remember the name. I love your post KK- so much energy and enthusiasm. I bet you have a cowboy hat by now! Susan should have shared my flying strategy with you all- it really works for the wild Toad rides! I may not be posting much (due to technical difficulties)but will continue to read what you learn. Have a great time!
Lauren Werch

dayle said...

Why not turn the Teachers' Dining Room into a Boggers' Cafe? Sounds like a great use of the room! dayle

Debby Cothern said...

Hey Melanie,
Get the name and email of the teacher from Canada. Tell her that your cuties - Lexi and Chase - will be in Kindergarten which will focus on North America. We need to know alot more about O Canada.
Deb and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Goodbye old faculty lounge and hello Bloggers' Cafe!
Lori M.

Suzanne said...

Good golly, Mel! I thought a bloggers cafe was virtual! I had no idea it was an actual room. So much to learn!