Thursday, July 17, 2008

Apple's Tour of 21st Century Learning

Apple team members started out our session today with a startling mashup of facts.

* In Today's edition of USA TODAY it was reported that this is the first time we are having a higher number of births than the record in 1957. What does that mean for us as educators? More teachers will be needed! States across the country are rehiring the retiring teachers and reconsidering their DROP programs.


* The number of college graduates each year per country:
US 1.3 million
India 3.1 million
China 3.3 million

* How many searches are done on Google every month?
Approximately 2,700,000,000 !

* 50% of 21 year olds have created content on the web
they have: played 10,000 hours of video games
spoken 10,000 hours on the phone
have sent 250,000 emails or instant messages

Students shouldn't have to power down when they come to school. Are we preparing students for a global, digital economy? Will they be ready?

The Requirements and Rewards of a 21st Century School:

1) Figuring out the right questions and using skills to solve new problems
2) Working in teams
3) Working across discipline
4) Learning to find, communicate and apply information

5) Initiative and leadership in flat organizations and taking responsible risks
6) Merging time and commitments and prioritizing flexible time

These are just a sampling of some of the discussions we had in our tour of 21st Century Learning today. Many of these things seem centered upon Karl Fisch's Did You Know? video, which was an eye opener for me a year ago when I first saw it. As our school begins to take the shape of a 21st Century learning environment, I will use these suggested guidelines to help me in brainstorming, planning and following through with what we do as we enter this new frontier in learning.
What steps are you taking in your school?

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dayle timmons said...

I saw Fisch's video about a year ago too, but every time I see it again, I am still astounded at how things are changing. It is almost impossible for me to imagine the world he describes and yet it is happening right now. I want to a part of preparing our students for the change that will be the cornerstone of their opportunities as they come of age. Today I watched an Oprah show about a young "normal" teen who got into porn because nobody was watching as this computer wiz-kid used a web cam and got involved with pedophiles from his own bedroom. It would scare any parent to death. Somehow we have to use the technolgy in a way that will train our youngsters what to watch out for as we also teach them how to take advanage of all that is available to them. We have to be bold... but smart at the same time. There is so much to be done...