Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Podcasting with Audacity

Chris Hamburg started this session by having us use this dialogue in a podcast as an example of what he does with his students first.

Person 1: I've been waiting for you.
Person 2: I'm sorry I'm late.

Person 1: That's OK.
Person 2: Thank you.
Person 1: I have something for you.
Person 2: What is it?
Person 1: This.

By adding audio files such as creepy music, gunshots, piano playing or others, it changes the genre of the conversation. It could be a nice conversation or a dangerous conversation...
The students love doing this.

We practiced recording, importing and exporting files and it was really quite easy. Just download the free program, Audacity. If you create an audio file for your own use, that is just an audio file. In order for it to truly be a podcast you have to register it with itunes or Podomatic to create an RSS feed.
What is an RSS feed? Watch here:

Chris uses these sites for his files, but always has the kids give credit to the file and location of where it came from at the end of the podcast.
Creative Commons (free) music
Free Sound Effects
Do you podcast? Give us your tips and tricks!


dayle said...

I think establishing an RSS Reader should be a part of the first day of summer training with new teachers because they could subscribe to blogs at the school or even their grade level or subject area to read through the archives over the summer. I can't think of a better way to get a feel for what the rituals and routines are at the school.

Podcasting is still fuzzy for me. Is their one of those simple videos on explaining podcasts to someone in the older generation who has no idea even how to use an iPod? I think I need extra instruction. I know you are saying, "what could she possibly NOT understand?" but.... dayle

Moena said...

So many people are simply afraid of technology ---- (myself included on some days) But, I think Chris did an awesome job of explaining why we should obtain a reader account and how simple it is to set it up!
I loved it and some of our "not so tech savvy" colleagues would most likely love it too!

Debby Cothern said...

I think that dayle needs an iPOD. I also know the song she should purchase first from iTunes. Deb

dayle said...

So, what would an iPOD cost me so I can hear a little Apple Bottom Boots every now and then?