Saturday, May 9, 2009

Could this be a dream?

Books, Books everywhere!
Another one of the benefits of attending any convention is having the opportunity of visiting the exhibit hall. Not just an ordinary exhibit hall selling their wares but one that is almost too much for a "book junkie" like me.

The International Reading Association exhibit hall is a little bit different. For example, can you imagine walking down an aisle of the hall and bumping into an author like Bruce Lansky or Pamela Duncan Edwards? It happens here, that's for sure. It is delightful to flitter from booth to booth and see the latest, greatest in literature. The icing on the cake is to happen upon an author/ illustrator signing.
As a elementary school media specialist, one would think they had died and gone to "literature" heaven. Are you book lovers salivating yet?

My mission on this particular day was directed by thoughts of my "math coaches and math teams" back home. I had decided before I left for Minn. MN. that I would have math books on my radar and I would not dissappoint them this school year. So I leave with you a sneak peak of a few titles in my bag.

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Anonymous said...

KK - I Love the video footage. Made me feel like I was there with you like I wish I had been!

:) Melanie