Saturday, May 9, 2009

Featured Authors: Betsy Franco and Debra Fraiser

Refresh your math, science and creative writing ideas with tips from author Betsy Franco (her biography).
I loved how Betsy introduced herself and her family. Her family are all featured artists and very much involved with her works. For example in her first young adult novel, METAMORPHOSIS, from Candlewick Press in October 2009, her sculptor son Tom is the illustrator, and her actor sons, James and Dave, read the audio version!

She was animated and excited about her works for children. Her mission today was to share her books as a support tool for the subjects of math and science. Once she modeled the creation of her books she shared the works of children by displaying what the children created using her style with other topics of math, poetry, and science. I found this great interview posted by Paticia Newman and I think you will understand this author/illustrator a little bit better after reading it.
Interview with Betsy Franco

Betsy's Website

Debra Fraiser presented Books in the Classroom-What Happens After Reading?
She shared how schools across the United States of America have extended her books with individual projects or full school events.
Her site is rich with resources and ALA awarded this website a place on their GREAT SITES FOR KIDS list!
The Miss Alaineus Vocabulary Parades were outstanding and get this she is offering to all of us to enter her contest. If we do and create our own Miss Alaineus Vocabulary Parade, she will come down and give us a free author visit. You know I am all over this challenge. Check out her site and see just how amazing the other schools performed.

2010 = 10th Anniversary of Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster!
Celebrate with your students in two ways:
Bring Debra Frasier to your classroom through the ongoing video shorts series: Small Answers to Big Questions about Picture Books
Enter the Vocabulary Parade Contest!
Grand Prize: A FREE Debra Frasier Author Visit!
Lots of other prizes, too!
Official rules posted Sept 1, 2009. Categories will include Most Original Use of a Word, Funniest, Ten Best, and the Grand Prize: ten excellent costumes, participation numbers, and teacher & principal costumes from a single school.
Plan to enter? September 1 - 30 all interested schools can download the 30 page Vocabulary Parade Planning Kit for free! See you here on Sept 1, 2009.
I enjoyed her so much and here is a special message from Debra.


Melanie Holtsman said...

I have always wanted to do a vocabulary parade like her book. Let's do it next year KK!!!

KK Cherney said...

I want to win her visit. Be sure to watch her videos on her site. They really show her skills off. She is soooooo talented.

Debra Frasier said...

Thank you for attending my session and coming away so enthused by the books and activities. A Vocabulary Parade is an astonishing event -- I've seen dozens of them and every time it is joy and learning all bursting at once. Good luck, stay in touch, walk a beach for me--All the best,
Debra Frasier, Author & Illustrator

dayle timmons said...

I love the idea of a vocabulary parade - Chets Creek style! It would be so much fun to have her visit because we won the visit! I wonder if we can bring back a book-of-the-month for a second visit?! I also love the idea that you were looking at some Science and Math books. Wouldn't it be great to do a year of Science and Math books!

Melissa Ross said...

Yes it would, dayle! :)