Sunday, May 10, 2009

Interactive Read Aloud: Developing thoughtful readers, thinkers, speakers and writiers

Marica Uretsky and Martha Heller-Winokur presented work on how important talk around read alouds is to strengthening comprehension from their book Fourth Grade Writers: Units of Study to Help Students Internalize and Apply Strategies. They maintain that teaching children to think through text by providing structured opportunities in the classroom is essential in teaching reading. Teachers must pick the right text, teach students how to converse and allow for the exploration , debate and sharing of all ideas. Good topics for interactive read aloud include those that teach lessons on life, behavior, history or humanity. Interactive Read Alouds take planning and careful questioning on the teacher's part and a classroom that has the ground rules established for students to participate in meaningful accountable talk.

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dayle timmons said...

I'm wondering if there was anything new here. I think we have a strong foundation is good accountable talk through our work with America's Choice so I am thinking this just reinforced what we are already doing. Did you see anything from their presentation or the bookthat looked deeper than what you already see in our fourth graders?