Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Newest from the New Standards Project

One of the real highlights from the trip for me was getting to hear the latest research behind the new publications from the New Standards movement. Their newest findings about how students in the later elementary years acquire the all important skills they need for comprehension and written expression have been published in the work Reading and Writing With Understanding: Comprehension in the Fourth and Fifth Grades, by America's Choice's Sally Hampton and University of Pittsburgh's Dr. Lauren Resnick. (This team also revised the Reading and Writing Grade by Grade book that has served as our standards bible for the last ten years.) This newest work develops the new Science of Reading which involves determining how students think as they are learning and provides ideas for use in the classroom, examples of student performance and detailed commentaries. Harvard's Graduate Scool of Education's Dr. Catherine Snow also shared the latest research that went into a revision of the Speaking and Listening for Preschoool through Third Grade standards. Practice of oral language skills and the need for meaningful accountable talk was reiterated as a way of building a student's experiences that will carry over to their reading and writing experiences. In my opinion these are must have professional reads in continuing to develop teacher insight and meaningful literacy experiences for students.

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