Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Your Everyday Book of the Month: Taking Reader's Beyond the Binding

Last year KK Cherney and I were contacted by children's book author Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrator Henry Cole about presenting our school's book the month work with them at IRA. Our presentation focused on how a piece of children's literature can be paired with an adult professional text to deliver strategies to a faculty or classroom of students. We also illustrated how combining the forces of a school team with the works of an author and illustrator can impact engagement for both teachers and students. Our Symposium was held on Thursday afternoon and while the crowd was small I can absolutely say it was a pleasure to work with KK, Pam and Henry. Thanks to Melanie Holtsman we were able to unvail our Chets Creek Book of the Month Wiki and showcase Pam and Henry's latest book The Old House. We even got a sneak peak at their newest, soon to be published, collaboration - stay tuned for some "perfectly piggy" fun!


KK Cherney said...

You once again proved to be the Dreamleader. I felt honored to be with such a talented group.

Jana said...

I was in that small group and I loved your presentation. It motivated me to go back to my school and put together a book of the month proposal for my principal and she accepted. THANKS!!