Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LA Ink

Okay, I know I live in a different generation from many of the teachers that I coach (who are the ages of my grown children) and am far, far, far removed from the generation of my grandchild. That was never more apparent to me than last night as I am traveling around Los Angeles with the teachers that are with me at the conference (all my children’s ages). As we are going down a somewhat “seedy street” (my description, probably not theirs), the principal and a teacher recognized LA Ink which is a tattoo shop! I was a little appalled at the sight of all those tattooed leather-bound guys and gals but even more appalled to learn that my principal and good teacher pal wanted to get out, peek in and have their picture made! They actually watch the reality show that features this tattoo shop!

Why is this even important (except that it makes me feel so old!)? It is important because these next generation teachers and the children that I am teaching are living in a world that I know little about. They are growing up with technology that I am struggling to understand and use in my educational practice, but I am committed to learn how to incorporate it as a tool. This is a first step - maybe a baby step - but a first step none the less.


Mrs.Mallon said...

Did anybody get a tattoo? How about "Children of the Blog?" You guys are having a wonderful time. The updates are great. Hope we can meet up tomorrow via the video-conferencing.

Anonymous said...

Lori and I are sitting in my room, each on a computer reading and laughing out loud. Lori let me know Melanie will be less than thrilled to have herself on the jumbotron - but who better to learn from than the master of life long learning? You inspire me, Melanie, to get my act in gear when it comes to technology. After our last WOW day, Rick, I went home and tried to get on Face Book and My Space to see what the kids are seeing.

Jessie just walked in and wants to learn more too!!!

We are excited to learn what you are learning and are all cheering Maria on for her big lesson this afternoon.

Looking forward to hearing more!
-Karen Morris

Eric said...

So am I correct in assuming that you'll all be back with matching CCE tattoos? A soaring eagle, perhaps?

Julie Johnson said...

I hope you all will let us see your tatto when you get back! I like the idea of a soaring eagle! Have fun! Love reading about the fun times you are having!

Brooke said...

What a great picture, I love it! The site looks wonderful and I am SO proud to be apart of the Chets Creek family! :)