Wednesday, January 30, 2008

National Model School Meeting

America's Choice National Model Schools
Pre-Conference Agenda

Agenda Overview

Advance Look: American Institutes for Research Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study

Advance Look: Cluster Leader Tools

Sharing: Navigator and ELL Pilot Studies
  • How are students responding?
  • How are staff members responding?
  • How can we improve the piloting process?

Sharing: Learning Walks

  • How are they the same among our schools?
  • How aer they different?
  • Are they making a difference?
  • How do we know?

The Model School Portfolio Rubric: What does it mean to be a National Model School?

  • Does it help schools self-select?
  • Does it distinguish between models and candidates?
  • Does it promote growth?
  • It is embedded?
  • How do we measure impact?

Technology: How can we improve our sense of community?

Chalk Talk: What's next for our model school community?

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