Thursday, January 31, 2008

LIVE Lesson from the East Coast

Virtual Tour - LIVE lesson
Chets Creek Elementary, Jacksonville, FL

WOW! Just minutes ago, Chets Creek Elementary presented a LIVE lesson, as part of the school's virtual tour, from their school on the East Coast. It's still hard to believe that we could actually "drop in" on a class 3,000 miles aways and actually ask the teachers questions about the lesson that was taught! The Lesson Plan presented by kindergarten teacher, Maria Mallon, is below.

Unit of Study – Narrative
Writing Standard #2 – Narrative Writing
Title of Mini Lesson: Utilizing a Rubric to Enhance Student Writing


  • For kindergarten students to be familiar with a rubric as a tool to enhance and revise narrative writing.

  • For kindergarten students to be able to recognize a piece of writing that may be a one, two, or three on the class-made rubric.


  • Connection: We have been creating our rubric for the past week and using it to make our writing better. We talked about the three sections of our rubric: “Ingredients Writing #1” – "Plain Cake Writing #2" - and the “Happy Birthday Cake Writing #3.” If we feel we are a #1 writer, we try to improve to a #2, and #2 writers try to improve to a #3. In this way, we can become the best writers we can be.

  • Teaching: Today, I am going to show you some student writing. I’m going to use the rubric to help me decide if the piece is a 1, 2, or 3. In this way, we can help the writer with some suggestions on how to make it better, because, remember, we want to be the best writers we can be. (I’ll show one or two writing samples) and talk about where on the rubric I think the writing should be.)

  • Active Engagement: I have another piece of writing to show you. (I will read the piece.) Now, I would like you to turn and talk to discuss what number/numbers on the rubric you think this piece of writing is and why. (Invite writers to share their discussion.)

  • Link: Writers, remember that the rubric is a tool that will help to make your good writing even better.

Work session: Conference with individual students, allowing each one to practice using the rubric with their own writing.

Share: Some writers that have utilized the rubric to enhance their narrative pieces will share their writing and discuss where on the rubric they feel their writing is.

While Maria was involved in conferring with her students in the Work Session, Kindergarten teacher, Haley Alvarado did a tour of Maria's room to show the artifacts that support the Writers' Workshop. After the lesson, the participants in Hollywood were able to ask questions of Maria and Halley. We are so proud of these teachers who were willing to take this risk and open their practice to such a large audience! What pros!

These type of live "drop in" lessons are done weekly at Chets Creek in both Literacy and Math. The lessons are sent to the Schultz Center, which is our county's Professional Development sight, so that teachers from all over our county (who are at the Center for professional development)can watch quality lessons and then ask the teacher about some of the choices that were made. We thank the Schultz Center For Teaching and Leadership for this partnership that allowed us to bring a live lesson across the United States today!!


Ms. Perry said...

Maria and Haley did a great job. I watched from the back of the room and was extremely impressed with the entire presentation. I'm glad it worked and that the teachers there could experience what is actually going on here. You guys are doing a wonderful job, and i'm in "awe", with everything that you guys are doing and sharing with us!

Julie Johnson said...

Maria and Haley are turely amazing! They are so good at what they do!! I learn so much each day from them both. I hope the people at the conference enjoyed their lesson as much as I did!!! Proud of you ladies!

Timmonte Learning Leaders said...

I heard the lesson went well and that the videostream came in clear on your end in LA. Glad to hear all the tech. stuff went well! Can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us from the conference in our upcoming prof. dev. meetings!

Sherrie Anderson said...

I am always proud to be a part of such cutting edge work. Way to go Maria. You are the best.


Lauren Werch said...

Maria is such a great example of our work at Chets. It is wonderful that her work is being shared across the country! I know she has been camera shy before but is now comfortable enough to be shown in Hollywood! Way to go Maria!

Lauren Werch said...

Maria is such a great example of our work at Chets. It is wonderful that her work is being shared across the country! I know she has been camera shy before but is now comfortable enough to be shown in Hollywood! Way to go Maria!

The Bookfairy said...

I loved the fact that it call came together without using a plan B.
You guys are going to come home with so much info. our heads will spin.

Dorry Lopez said...

Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information! I loved Maria's lesson! Not very often does an intermediate teacher get to witness what the primary teachers are doing. I am so excited to learn from all of you!