Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Watch Melanie Squirm

Last week America's Choice came to Chets Creek to film their pilot program, Literacy Navigator. Chets has two pilot groups of fourth graders, taught by Melanie Holtsman and Suzanne Shall. The program reaches those student who we sometimes call "bubble children", who are just on the cusp of meeting the standard. America's Choice came to film a lesson and to interview the children participating in the intervention at Chets Creek and also at Twin Lakes Elementary, also in Jacksonville. Just a few minutes ago, Melanie was handed the completed video which will be shown to the entire conference tomorrow in the large session!! In other words she will be on the BIG screen tomorrow in Hollywood!

Now you would think anyone that has such an privilege would just be so honored, but from watching this over the years, teachers mostly worry about what they were wearing on the day the filming was done, how their hair looked, and if their look was faltering! After they get over that, they are usually able to look at the content and the big picture. Melanie had the same reaction, and I do love to see her squirm, because she's always so professional and on top of things! Can't wait until she gets over how she looks on the big screen, so she can appreciate how terrific she sounds! We are so proud!!


Melanie Holtsman said...

Wow, dayle, thanks for the sympathy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Melanie will be fine. She's always eloquent and full of knowledge. Hope to view it myself someday. Love you guys! Lori