Thursday, January 31, 2008

Start of the Conference

We arrrived last night and had a great dinner at the "Pretty Women" hotel. Ran into a few Steeler fans. L.A. is just like you see on TV. We drove past the oil fields I saw on Shark Sunday night. Of course the ladies knew exactly where Rodeo Drive was but had no clue where Dodger Stadium or the Staples Center might be. Looking forward to a great conference.


Anonymous said...

Hey Coach,
While you are hanging out on Rodeo Drive the kids here are doing a great job exploring attributes of polygons and love using the power polygons to find angle measures! They also by the way are doing a fabulous job on last years FCAT. The growth we are getting out of our students is in large part to how well we are coached. (ie. you and Angela!)

Maybe you should treat yourself to a trinket from Rodeo Drive while you are there! The scores this year will make you proud!


Dorry Lopez said...

Hi Rick, you are at the infamous "Pretty Women" hotel! Since I share an office with you, I hope to get first hand all of the knowledge you gained at the conference. Everything back at Chets is going well. See you soon.