Friday, February 1, 2008


As we have been writing these blogs, I have realized how collegiality has become so entrenched in our culture… that we do it without even thinking. Right now Debbie Harbour is blogging the keynote, but she easily passes her computer to Melissa Ross to read and without a blink, Melissa edits and revises and then just hands the computer back so Debbie can continue. Later today someone will take the work and try to summarize, just focusing on the main ideas. Someone else will take the picture and make sure it all gets added. None will worry about hurting the others feelings by changing or suggesting, but all realize that the feedback and joining of several minds together will make the final blog entry the best for our readers.

This is the same partner work that we want our children to use every day. We want them to have the ability to work with a partner and add to their writing, to accept suggestions from a classroom of listeners as their authentic audience, to revise and edit to make things better. How exciting it is to see it modeled in this leadership group!


Anonymous said...


Thanks to all for blogging I feel included in your work and I am enjoying the updates.

Lori M.

Mrs.Lankford said...

Great teamwork! That's what it's all about! Way to go CCE!