Monday, February 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

In an effort to save a few dollars, we decided to fly back on the red eye... which means that we flew all night! Susan asked more than once, "NOW WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?" Our flight from Hollywood to Atlanta, which was the long leg of the flight, was on a plane that must have been made for children under three feet tall! The plane was full and it was impossible to even cross your legs, much less sleep. We had a short layover in Atlanta (where the sun was coming up) and then it was finally home to Jacksonville. We lost three hours on the way back because of the time change and the entire weekend with our families.

We do a lot to save money at Chets Creek in order to send as many people as we can to conferences. We stay 3-4, even 6 to a room, unless, of course, you are Rick! There are some advantages to being a man in an elementary school.

We also encourage teachers to send proposals to present at major conferences, and then do everything we can to find the money to support their travel. In fact, the 10 Chets Creek faculty that went on this trip all went because they had sent in a proposal last year that was accepted for the Hollywood conference. The acceptance pays for a teacher's registration and without that financial support, it would impossible for our school to send anyone at all. I think we all feel that these sacrifices are minimal because we so want to be able to hear first-hand what is going on across the country. We are so fortunate to have a principal that believes that this type of knowledge and travel makes the difference. Thank you, Susan, for sending us and for learning with us!

Get ready, Chets Creek teachers, proposals for the 2009 America's Choice Conference in Orlando will be due in March!


Michelle Ellis said...

It is just not fair to have your picture taken after being up all night.

Suzanne said...

dayle is not playing fair... where is her travel all night picture :)