Sunday, February 3, 2008

The End Came Too Soon

On the plane ride home last night or was that just today. I took a few minutes to reflect on my favorite part of the conference. It is really too tough to decide which moment was the best. One of my favorites was the opportunity to present with everyone the virtual tour of our school. As I watched the images and heard everyone speak it made me feel proud to work at such a wonderful school. We are a group of professionals that care about all our students. The time and effort that dayle and many others put in to make the live conference lesson happen also shows the commitment we have of wanting to share what we do at Chets.

I also loved all of the conversations at the end of the day about each session we had the opportunity see. We discussed each session and the revelence it has to us at Chets. At night we had the opportunity to laugh and have fun. I know I feel so fortunate to have a principal like Susan. There are not many principals out there that allow you to attend a conference with them, have fun and openly share your ideas. Thank You Susan Phillips!! You are the best!

Susan Zimmermann was also a highlight of this confernce. We have studied her books for many years. It was great to hear about her passion for teaching and it inspired me to work harder.

If I were to pick the one moment in the conference though that will stick with me for a lifetime, it was when I had the opportunity to hear dayle Timmons give the Closing Keynote speech. She had the audience in the palm of her hand. She had us laughing, then teary eyed by the end. She spoke of her journey as an educator. She also spoke of her dedication to continue to grow professionally by attending trainings, reading the best books and having meaningful conversations with other educators. This is what I aspire to be as I grow as an educator.


Anonymous said...

I agree that hearing dayle is inspiring. What about, Susan, at our next Early Release training having dayle deliver her conference presentation to us at Chets that didn't get to hear it live? -Karen

Timmonte Learning Leaders said...

Yes...we ALL would love to hear her presentation. I believe Melanie said it would be recorded so we could view later.

:-) Elizabeth