Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dr. Elaine Weber's Stack the Deck Game

Imagine a session designed to show the multiple ways to bridge the use of technology with the teaching of reading. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Last week at the conference Michelle, Debby and I attended a great session in which Dr. Elaine Weber shared a few of the many sites and tools available to assist in the teaching of reading. Below is a great game that can be used by readers to practice the 7 habits of highly proficient readers. Imagine the possibilities...


Teach to Learn said...

The "Stack the Deck" cards are great and perfect for the "little" hands in my room. Where may I find them and perhaps some of the websites mentioned?
Thank you for leading the way! TLC

Michelle Ellis said...


You can find them if you go to the blog entry on Technology in the Classroom. You will find a link to the website that Ms. Weber gave us in her session. We were given actual cards that were made professionally. I'm not sure if she sells them. If not you could print them on cardstock.