Saturday, February 2, 2008

The "Cranberry"!

Although I've never cared much about cars, there are some in our party that care VERY much! When we arrived in LA we had to rent some wheels to get around town. Now, we stayed at a hotel in downtown Hollywood where the cars pulling up for valet service were Jaguars, Lambourginis, Bentleys, Mazaradis, Rolls Royces... We however, pulled up in our cranberry colored Ford 10-passenger van! Definately not the vehicle to impress! In fact, Susan Phillips, our principal and driver for the trip, begged for a red van instead of a white van at the rental office so at least we wouldn't look like we were robbing a bank!

The "Cranberry," as it was christened, had a GPS system that our driver talked to like it was a real person! When we got lost, which wasn't often, or when SHE said to turn on a street when our driver thought she knew a short cut, SHE took verbal abuse! However, SHE didn't seem to mind, because the very next time SHE was just as pleasant!
The Cranberry had 3 bench seats, and the far seat at the back wasn't bolted in very well! Now I wouldn't say that our fearless leader purposely found every pothole and speed bump in LA and jumped half a dozen curbs on purpose... but some would wonder if her wicked sense of humor didn't kick in and she didn't secretly enjoy those roller coater rides for those in the far back "sliding" seat! The Queen claimed the front seat - age does have its preferences - so that meant everybody else- even those who tended to get carsick in a regular car - took a turn in the back! "Cranberry", fruit or color, will forever make me smile...

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